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Stress affects everyone, even children who seem to have a care free life. However, school age children may feel an enormous amount of pressure from all areas of their lives that may greatly affect
them. Academic, social, and even parental pressure to play certain sports or perform at a certain level can cause a child to react in a number of ways. Symptoms of stress may include mood swings, acting out, changes in sleep patterns, and even bedwetting just to name a few. Children may withdraw and want to be alone more or may not be able to concentrate enough to finish heir schoolwork. They also pick up new habits like lying, bullying, defying authority, or they may overreact to minor issues.

You can help your child cope with stress by reevaluating your expectations and working with them to come up with solutions. Make sure they are involved in the activities that they truly have interest in and consider additional help if your increased involvement shows no improvement.

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