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Here is an interesting study I recently read that affects a very large group in America. 

A study published out of the Journal of American Pediatrics just last month, August 2016, showed that Tylenol consumption by pregnant women increased the baby having emotional symptoms by 29%, hyperactivity by 31%, and total difficulties by 46%

This is alarming because over half of all pregnant women consume Tylenol because and here's kicker....the current public health advice (from MDs and hospitals) considers Tylenol use safe during pregnancy.

While the majority of pregnant women are consuming Tylenol as a solution for their pain what if there was a different solution that did not put their unborn baby at risk of having emotional, hyperactive, or neurodevelopmental problems

There is also a study from the Journal of SpineThree groups of patients who were in pain were split up and treated one group received drugs (vioxx and celebrex), one group received acupuncture, and one group received chiropractic care

The results showed that Chiropractic Care was 5 times better than the drugs and 3 times more effective than the acupuncture!

And the patients in the Chiropractic group were considered the worst in the beginning because they had been in chronic pain for the longest compared to the other 2 groups. 

Once again, what people don’t know can and will hurt them. 

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