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We really are what we eat and assimilate.  Because of this, our health can be measured not just by our size but by what kind of food we take into our bodies.  In this point in time it is difficult to know exactly what to eat and when and in what portions with all the “new research” and “proven diets.”  

The one sure thing is to know where to begin and from what point you are actually beginning.  In order to change the way you eat, you must first know what it is that you are currently eating!  Because eating is so fun and full of pleasure for many of us, we may not realize or be consciously aware of what or how much we actually eat.  

It is important to remember that this is not just about diet; this is actually about your lifestyle.  Food is a large part of culture and tradition, thus making it a large part of the lives we lead.  So realizing that a change in eating is actually a change in lifestyle may be helpful.  To change your lifestyle may take a long time, months or even years for some people.  Take it slow and one step at a time, and the discomfort of change might not even be noticeable.  

So for the first challenge, on the bottom of this article is a food diary.  This is where you will be tracking your food intake.  This includes everything that passes your lips, from vitamins, to snacks and condiments, to beverages.  Everything.  Make your food diary for a full week and the results may be eye opening. (Then stay tuned for part 2)

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