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I read an interesting article today and it gave validity to what I have found to be the case in my own practice when it comes to weight loss. 

The research study compared the affects on weight loss and disease of a Low Calorie Ketogenic diet and a typical Low Calorie Diet. The outcomes of the study showed a large difference in body weight lost 27.6 lbs. compared to 9.7 lbs. Waist circumference decrease 4.6 inches to 1.6 inches. And body fat lost 19.4 pounds to 8.4 pounds all in favor of the Low Calorie Ketogenic diet. 

What exactly is a ketogenic diet? The body can use only 2 substances for the energy it needs, sugar and fat. When the body runs out of sugar (carbs) to run on it turns to the body's fat stores for energy and the release of ketones is the result. Unfortunately the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) is high in grains and sugars and carbohydrates which turn to sugar in the body. 

The study continued to follow participants for 2 years and also found that the affect on disease burden was halved in the ketogenic diet group compared to the standard Low Calorie diet group. A couple important things here, first it showed that it was much healthier to restrict and even remove Carbohydrates from the diet and second that there was no adverse health effects to being in a prolonged ketogenic state which many healthcare providers just don't understand. 

Now there is a difference in being in a diet induced ketogenic state and a diabetes induced ketogenic state when the body is not able to utilize or making enough insulin. The problem here is that the body is forced to utilize fat as an energy source but allows the glucose (sugar) in the blood to remain causing a host of issues through out the body.

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