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Now that you have you food diary, take a moment to really look at what you are eating.  Combined with this article you may be able to identify some areas of your diet that need a change…

What to Eat ~ This can be best described with one idea.  Eat foods that are closest to the way God made them, or the way in which they were put on this planet.  It is the processing that robs foods of their nutritional values and the additives that make foods toxic to the body.  Some carbohydrates are not as bad, it is just what kind.  Fresh organic vegetables and fruits are carbohydrates too, and are what should be main sources of vitamins; minerals, fiber, and protein (yes protein).  It is the processed breads, cookies, cakes, chips, white rice, pastas, cereals, bagels, tortillas (not including sprouted grain tortillas) and anything with white sugar, even most fruit juices of which you should be weary.  These types of processed foods are actually dangerous to the body causing great spikes in insulin levels and clogging the colon.  With fresh vegetables the live enzymes actually help your body to digest and give your body energy for later.  Whereas with processed foods the enzymes have been denatured and thus these foods end up stealing large amounts of energy from the body for digestion and give nothing back!  So a large part of your plate should be vegetables and some fruit at every meal.

Add vs. Subtract ~ When beginning to change the way you eat, just start adding the good things.  At each meal, decide to add a vegetable, one small one at a time, or a small salad.  Begin to fill your plate with better foods and eventually they will take over your plate.  Note to that your tastes will begin to change.  When you eat healthier, your cravings for the sweets and processed foods will lesson greatly.  Just give it a little time, remember it takes months to change a lifestyle!

Eat the Good Stuff First ~ Now that you have something good to eat, eat it first!  Eating your vegetables first will not only help to change what tastes good to you, but you will also eat less of the other processed stuff on your plate.  Filling your tummy with salad first will also help aid in the digestion of foods to come later in your meal!

Time to Eat or Not ~ Breakfast is a must and so is lunch.  It is also a good idea to have a couple
snacks through out the day, a piece of fruit or some celery and carrot sticks.  Be sure to pick a time in the evening after which you will not eat.  The worst thing to do is eat ice-cream and then go to sleep.  

Americans have “super-sized” the Portion!  A real portion of meat should actually be about the size of a deck of cards, and one a day is all you need, if that.  Now vegetables and fruits can be served in ½ cup portions and at least seven a day is minimum, but the more vegetables the better!  You should feel satisfied and full, but not uncomfortable at the end of a meal.  It may take a little time to learn this feeling if you are used to eating larger amounts.  Make sure that you are the one who serves yourself and don’t feel like you have to clean the plate in a restaurant.  Americans have completely blurred how much the body actually needs.  Eating this way will help your body function better and will actually give you more energy! 

If you are looking for more information please leave a comment and I will get back to you soon. Yours in Health!

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