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Is This The Future of Weight Loss and Nutrition?

"Precision Nutrition" is all the rage right now when it comes to health and weight loss. What is precision nutrition you ask. Precision nutrition is a term coined to describe the specific interaction of MC4R, that causes you to be predisposed to metabolic syndrome if you follow a more Western Style Diet wouldn't you want to know? Or if you are a slow or fast caffeine or fatty acid metabolizer?  Or have a more likely genetic predisposition for hypertension or Type II diabetes with certain diets? Would you like to know how your unique genetic makeup responds to certain foods and nutrients, and then be able to design an individualized diet/lifestyle that is going to work just for you?
foods and precise diet categories on a persons own genetic makeup. For instance if you have a certain gene,

This is the future of nutrition, no Atkin's or Mediterranean or Paleo or food pyramids, just Brandon's or Courtney's or Jennifer's diet. You might think that this is way down the road but there are several tests available now that can give us a very good idea of how a person will react to certain nutrients and lifestyles. We are just beginning to scratch the surface on what is possible, but why wait? Why not put off months and years of struggle and trial and error and get started now.

For more information contact me and find out more. As always let me know what you think.

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